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Our Brand Values


Response and Ownership with any customer (external / internal) action in the best time frame (agreed time frame) whcih creates Trust, Confidence and Reliability.

Honesty & Responsibility

Be honest with ourself, our commitments and our communication.


DORMAKABA is the leader in technology and design. To develop outstanding innovations, DORMAKABA Team is not only involved in the development of products, systems and solutions, also in the management of businesses and processes. We have the absolute willingness to be the first.


We are trying to do it right the first time. We are allowing, understanding and learning from experiences. We coach, mentor, educate and help ourself and other for a constantly improving of our performance. The complete picture which our customers see and feel, decides about the quality level we achieve. We want to achieve excellence.

Family Business

Respect mutual values, easy to work with, trust and tradition built over a long time with success(in 2008, we are getting 100 years old.)


We are guiding people in the right direction and leading by example. We are able to listen and welcome the feedback that we able to improve and implement changes.


We want to identify market needs and take these ideas into necessary actions and we move fast to implement them.


Sales success is mainly based on close relations with decision making persons. We always conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We will build up close relations based on trust and long term perspectives.


Growth is the base for every successful business. We contribute to growth (growing together).

Active Communication

We are able to listen and we will actively drive the process to deliver our DORMAKABA brand values in our daily work. We make sure that every DORMAKABA employee lines and communicate these values by example.