Wooden fire doors

Comparison between Wooden fire doors & Hollow metal doors

Wooden Fire doors
Hollow metal doors
Wooden fire rated doors are not recommended for fire ratings of 60minutes and above as per the international standard.
Hollow metal fire doors are used where ever the fire rating required is more than one hour
Wooden fire rated doors are not consistent on performance and hence the core used plays a vital role.
Hollow metal fire doors are design oriented and are not infill specific
The minimum door thickness recommended is 60mm
The minimum door thickness is 44mm
The wooden fire rated requires intumescent seals and fire retardent paints as a protection material.
Hollow metal fire doors does not require any intumescent seals as the product test criteria because of the material being steel
The quality of wood may not be consistent through out the building and hence the relevant performance
The consistancy on the material is assured as the base material is steel
All hardware provisions need to be protected with intumescent strips as the material rigidity is lost due to cutouts on the door leaf
The same is not relevant in the case of steel doors
Requires high level of maintainance as the wood being a organic material always tends to contraction and expansion
Tested and proven for all kind of usage and application in different climatic conditions
There are limitations on door sizes and vision glass as the rating goes beyond 60minutes
There is no limitation on the door widths and heights. Vision glass can be supplied within the test parameters
For all wooden fire doors the provision for door hardware has to be factory finished and fitted as a assembly to ensure the required rating and guarantees. However it is not followed in our working conditions and left to the installer at site
All provision are factory preped and consistent throughout the building
True wooden fire doors are very expensive because of the core
When compared to wooden fire doors it is economical and cost effective
Limited finishes
Can offer any finish or RAL colour
Can generate Toxic gases if the core or the surface material is not appropriate
Hollow metal doors does not emit any gases or smoke, but seals the gaps because of the expansion of the door