Shower Enclosure Systems

Shower enclosures

In developing DORMAKABA range of shower enclosures the emphasis was put on achieving a wide variety of systems, with clear attractive designs which are easy to install.Standard DORMAKABA shower enclosures are designed to use with 6mm and 8mm toughened glass. The discreet fittings are available in a variety of popular styles and finishes which are perfect for creating clear, frameless and shower enclosures.

In creating frameless shower enclosures it is normal for a few droplets to run down the profiles or fittings. Plastic seals are used to make the partitions as leak proof as possible and to prevent water from spraying out of the shower enclosure.

This comprehensive range offers applications and problem solutions for all conceivable situations. A wide variety of solutions are available including folding, sliding and swinging doors with fittings which can lift the door to ensure floor clearance or others which seals the door completely.