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A frameless full glass shower for those who want the very best. The hinges with their spring mechanism keep the door securely closed. This ensures optimum protection against spraying water. The DORMAKABA shower enclosure system available with chrome plated or galvanized or powder coated surfaces.

In creating frameless shower enclosures it is normal for a few drop let’s to run down the profiles or fittings. Plastic seals are used to make the partitions as leak resistant as best as possible and to prevent water from spraying out of the shower enclosure. This comprehensive range offers applications and problem solutions for all conceivable situations. A wide variety of solutions are available including folding, sliding and swinging doors with fittings which can lift the door to ensure floor clearance or others which close the door automatically. Special solutions for difficult installations can be worked out on request.

Doing without floor profiles means that you can get in and out unhindered. Overlapping the door and in - line panels prevents the overall impressing from being impaired by additional sealing profiles. The sliding door mechanisms largely protected from spraying water by the design of the upper frame profile, which guarantees a long and fault - free life.