Why Entrance Systems?

"Entrances are so designed to create an impression of the theme and philosophy of the Company itself.” Entrances are designed to be functional, aesthetic and by enlarge requires to be integrated with the architectural flow of the building. Modern practices ensure a maximum safety at the entrance and its suitability for emergency exits and escape routes in the event of a panic and emergency. Entrances also provide a high thought out capacity for dealing with heavy traffic, ensuring maximum flexibility in creating the perfect complement to any facade. DORMAKABA Entrance systems encompasses a wide range of products including Automatic doors, Revolving doors, Toughened Glass assemblies, Door controls and structural fittings for Glass Architectural Facades.

DORMAKABA Compact Sliders, DORMAKABA ES Bi-Parting Systems, DORMAKABA Telescopic Sliding, DORMAKABA Sliders with Emergency Exit Breakout, DORMAKABA Curved Sliders, DORMAKABA Space Savers, DORMAKABA Folding Sliding Doors, DORMAKABA KTV Revolving Doors, DORMAKABA KTV Atrium, DORMAKABA KTV Revolving Door

Types of Entrance Systems

  • Revolving Doors
  • Sliding Doors
  • Automatic Doors

Automatic Entrance Systems

DORMAKABA is well aware of the conflict between planning freedom and the limitation posed by budgets and also understands the dreams and realities associated with project planning and equipment selection. DORMAKABA has developed its solutions for Automatic Door Systems to meet both current and future needs.

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Internal Partition Systems

Internal Partitions and Door Systems Wherever elegant transitions are required from one room to another and where the emphasis is on transparency in the open-plan design of living and working environments, fully glazed partitions and dividers provide an ideal incentive for architectural excellence

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Space Utility Systems

Any area, from a small conference room to a large exhibition hall, can be optimally adapted to suit varying number of users. Excellent sound insulation properties allow different events to be held in adjacent areas without any intrusive noise and a high degree of security in the eventuality of confidential discussions held in closed room

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Shower Enclosure Systems

In developing DORMAKABA range of shower enclosures the emphasis was put on achieving a wide variety of systems, with clear attractive designs which are easy to install.Standard DORMAKABA shower enclosures are designed to use with 6mm and 8mm toughened glass. The discreet fittings are available in a variety of popular styles.

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